3 Cities, 3 Swaps, One Big Swap Party.

For the first time, three cities are coming together for a big Swap Party.

If you are around the area, join the fun!

What is a Swap Party?

A swap party is a gathering where guests bring an established amount of clothes and / or accessories and you take home pieces that you find of your liking. Usually the same amount you bring to the swap, you take home. As the old saying goes: someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. The same applies to a clothing swap. While you might be tired of that blue dress, it might be exactly what someone else is been looking for.

A Swap Party is an eco-friendly, free and fun way to refresh your wardrobe.

Did you know?

The average US Citizen throws away 70 lbs. of clothing annually.

Source EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

If everyone bought one used item instead of new this year:

- We would save 5.7B lbs. of CO2 emissions.

That is half a million cars taken off the road for a year.

- Also, we would save 11B kWh of energy.

That would be enough to light up the Eiffel Tower for 141 years.

- And, we would save 25B gallons of water.

That would be enough to fill 1,140 Bellagio fountains.

Source The Thredup 2019 Resale Report

Fort Lauderdale: $5 USD admission to donate to Women in Distress.

To RVSP for the Fort Lauderdale Swap Party click here.

Cocktails will be served.

Montreal: free entrance.

San Francisco: $5 USD at the door to donate to Habitat Transitional Centers in the effort of helping end homelessness.

Important to Remember

Please contribute items that you would give to a close friend. No missing buttons, broken zippers, stains and only bring clean, ready to wear items. 

Please bring only the amount of clothes that are previously established by the organizers.

Organizing Brands:

Fort Lauderdale: Tangui, Rebel Buda, The Full Edit & Maria Arrieta, Sustainable Fashion News.

Montreal: MNC

San Francisco: Tangui & AZ Eco Design.

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