Check out the work these amazing women are doing with our trash.

Circular Economy. Everything that’s been produced, already had its share of resources spent. As opposed to the usual linear economy -take, make, dispose-, the circular economy concept in its very basic definition is to give a more lasting life, second life, to what’s been already produced. In other words, it minimizes the input of resources, while reducing waste, pollution and emissions.

This saves incredible amounts of water, energy and chemicals.

The deterioration of all the waste generated goes into the air we breath when it’s burned, it pollutes entire ecosystems when thrown into landfills and / or contaminate the oceans with micro plastics that again wreck a number of ecosystems.

And if all of these were not enough, the fish are eating this micro plastic and finally we eat the fish.

Sustainability Starts with the Designer Panel was hosted yesterday by The Upcycle Project at The Citadel Miami. What all these women designers and artists are doing is reusing unconventional materials that would otherwise go to waste, and create fashion anew.

All the work every single one of them is doing is simply amazing.

The panel was moderated by Gabriella Smith from the Upcycle Project and organized by Miami on Sight.


Lucinda Linderman

Lisu Vega

Sea Jasper

La Roja by Misha @la_roja_by_misha


Gabriella Smith @theupcycleproject


Miami on Sight @miamionsight




The Citadel Miami @thecitadelmia

Photos property of Maria Arrieta, Sustainable Fashion News.


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