The women leading the Fashion Revolution conversation in Miami.

Actualizado: 18 de sep de 2019

On April 27th, the leading voices of the Fashion Revolution movement in Miami gathered at the Sharron Lewis Design Center for a sustainable fashion panel, clothes swap, DIY workshops and screen printing, and more.

Colleen Coughlin, owner of The Full Edit, moderated the conversation between Vivian Belzaguy, Pamela Wasabi, Kat Proano and Kira Downing.

Fashion Revolution was originated after the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh where 1,134 garment workers died on April 24th of 2013. The purpose of the movement is to bring awareness on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Fashion Revolution has designated the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh as Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th.

Brands in attendance: The Full Edit, ModeRevolution, Wild Women, Kalo Boutique, LYNK Studio, Tangui, Rebel Buddha, BOA, Maker Monkey Workshop, Saving Fashionista, Talia, Amla Miami, Maria Arrieta, and many more.

Goodwill South Florida sponsored the event.

Photos by Maria Arrieta, Sustainable Fashion News.

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